Chef Ocean
brings innovated traditional Japanese cuisine with refined and simple presentation to Little Tokyo.

The master sushi chef at Little Tokyo has been slicing and dicing around the crowds from all over the world. Chef Ocean combines the beauty of culinary art with a burst of flavors to create spectacular dishes at Little Tokyo.

Chef Ocean is a graduate of a culinary art school in Seoul, Korea. He began his debut as a sushi chef at Hotel Intercontinental Seoul which is the most luxurious hotel in the metropolitan area of Seoul. And from thereon, he worked at numbers of different Japanese and fusion cuisine restaurants, even working in the city of Tokyo and Kagoshima, the mother land of Sushi. Chef Ocean not only has his training in Japanese cuisine, but also in Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine and can serve up a mean plate of blowfish (one of the most difficult fish to handle) for those who have sophisticated enough palate to try it.

After numbers of privileged experiences, Shin came to America and has been showcasing the magnificent taste of innovated Japanese cuisine. Chef Ocean always creates dishes that can bring happiness to those who taste them and believes cooking is a creation and one has to put his soul every time a dish is served.

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